Eileen Gray

Eileen Gray was of scotch-irish heritage. In 1900 she had already completed two years of study at the Slade School of design in London. She then discovered the workshop of D. Charles, a painter who was specialized in laquer. She worked with him and learned all that was necessary for that period of her professional carrer. In 1902 she went to Paris where she continued to study design and oriental Laquer. Only 6 years later did she dare to exhibit her work in an interior design exhibition. She caught the attention of Jaques Doucet, the couturiere who assigned her the task of furnishing and decorating his new home. Her first big assignment was furnishing "Madame Levy" in Rue de Lota. In 1922 she started the "Jean Desert" Gallery in the fashionable Rue Fauburg St. Honore, where she displayed and sold her furniture, screen and lamps. A long illustrated article in a Dutch Magazine, a new exhibit and the approval of Gropius, Mallet Stevens and Le Corbousier encouraged Gray to take the step toward architecture. After 4 years of intensive study, advised by the theorist Jean Bodovici, at Roquebrune on the mediterranean coast, she built a house for herself; spacious and practical, with many well thought out and witty details. Her following works were never realized. From the 50's on, her sight and hearing continued to deminish; however, she continued to invent new projects and to experiment with new materilas. At age 80, she transformed hayloft near St. Tropez into a summer home for herself. Shortly prior to her death she had the satisfaction of a retrospection showing of her most significant works given at the Muse des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.


Table with steel section structure, chromium-plated. Adjustable glass top.
Size: H 62/100 51 cm
Weight: Kg. 6,00
Packing: 1 per carton of mc. 0,19


Chromed frame table. Black or white laquered wood tops.
Size: H 66,5 D 56,5 W 46 cm
Weight: Kg. 4,00
Packing: 1 per carton of mc. 0,17


Chair with chromed or painted frame. Hide leather seat and back, substained by hide belts.
Size: H 81 D 49 W 46 cm
Weight: Kg. 6,5
Packing: 2 cartons of mc. 0,35


Sofa with hardwood frame upholstered with polyurethane foam. Mattress and cushions filled with feathers. Leather or fabric covering. Side cubes in black laquered wood.
Size: H 87 HS 43 D 90 W 240 cm
Weight: Kg. 130
Packing: 1 per carton of mc. 1,28


Folding table with chromed steel frame. Black laminated top.
Size: H 72 D 64-128 W 70 cm
Weight: Kg. 22
Packing: carton mc. 0,40


Chromed steel frame bed. Upholstered in expanded polyurethane. First quality leather or fabric covering.
Size: H 62 HS 43 D 85 W 190 cm
Weight: Kg. 15,50
Packing: 1 per carton of mc. 1,20


Armchair with wood frame upholstered with polyurethan foam. Chromium-plated basement. Leather covering.
Size: H 75 HS 41 D 81 W 100 cm
Weight: Kg. 25
Packing: 1 per carton of mc. 0,75

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