Robert Mallet Stevens

Born in Paris, he received his first and fundamental artistic training from his father, an art expert. In 1905 he enrolled in the Ecole spéciale darchitecture where he returned in 1924 as a professor. Architect and, at the same time, interior designer he theorized research projects in keeping with "modern" wave of thought which was maturing in Paris as well as in the rest of Europe. In 1924 he entered the Ecole spéciale darchitecture where he presented the De Stijl group. In 1930 he became founder and president of the Directing Committee of the Architectural magazine "Aujourd'hui". One of his ideas was: Furniture, applied arts, have no technical reason for changing. Is Architecture which, in general, inspires the form of the so called decorative arts".


Stacking chair steel section structure painted. Seat in metal sheet.
Size: H 87 D 45 W 40 cm
Weight: Kg. 6,50
Packing: 4 per carton of mc. 0,330

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