Frank Lloyd Wright

He was born on June 8, 1867 in Richland Center, Wisconsin. It was his mother who found the "Kindergarten Gifts" educational system, which taught children to draw by using elementary geometrical forms. His father, a preacher and musician, taught him to listen to music as it was a "structure made of sound". He left the family home at age 20 in order to go to Chicago where worked in Sullivan's studio for 7 years. In 1893 he opened his own studio. The projects he realized in Chicago and environs from 1893 to 1903 exemplified a new concept of architecture. The architectural innovations expressed in the "Larking Building" and the "Unity Temple" were made possible because of technology and new building materials. These two buildings are the first example of deliberately working with the intent for integrating architecture with engineering. With the appropriate use of reiforced concrete, glass, steel and slab structures, Wright ideated buildings whose architectural feeling coinceded with that of the indoor-outdoor space. This new concept of openess of the indoor space - almost of a mystical nature - will pervade all of his work. In 1932 Wright and his wife founded the Taliesen Fellowship, an architectural school. Shortly thereafter he was entrusted with designing the famous Fallingwater House and the Johnson Wax building. From 1930 commissions began to increase progressively as did the might of his creative genius. The diversity of forms, ideas, spacial concepts and innovations which gushed forth from his mind seemed never ending. He entrusted a group of architects with task of spreading the philosophy of organic architecture and thus was founded the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation that, to this days, caretaker and promulgator of his work and ideas.


Armchair with cherry-wood structure. Seat upholstered with polyurethane foam an covered with leather or cotton.
Size: H 81 D 55 W 54 cm
Weight: Kg. 9
Packing: 1 per carton of mc. 0,29


Table in cherry-wood. Available in walnut varnishing.
Size: H 71 D 98 W 225/250 cm
Weight: Kg. 57
Packing: 1 per carton of mc. 1,40


Table with cherry-wood basement Available also painted in walnut
Size: H 74 D 106 W 257/280 cm
Weight: Kg. 140
Packing: 2 cartons of mc.1,70

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