GREEN is a leading company. Its trademark is widespread all over the world because being a leader means expressing a synthesis between the more advanced industrial technology and the handicraft perfection. All the used materials are selected after careful testing tests and they are provided by the major Italian manufacturers. The wide set of coverings meets the peculiar demands of any market. Classic fabrics and trendy fibres are made in collaboration with the technical departments of different weavings, while the woods and the metals originate from the best European suppliers. Leather is the essential element of these products,being a noble and pliable stuff. It gathers up the value of the tradition and the modern vision of interior decoration. Green uses only high quality leather, particularly soft and with small natural imperfections. The pleasant touch, obtained with special procedures by skilled leather tanning masters, gives waterproofing and transpiration, and makes leather a hard-wearing material, preventing any damage from rubbing and stains, keeping it fastness in time. Green offers a wide colour scale: warm colours and nuances that are found in nature, are available in the different qualities of leather 900: Alpina, Toscana and Anilina, a wide coordinate range of 90 different shades, you can easily match with each other. For all these reasons Green presents each product with a guarantee, to confirm its high and constant quality.

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