Gerrit Thomas Rietveld

He is the son of a carpenter in whose shop he learned the trade. In 1911 he opens his own workshop and studies architecture at night School under the guidance of the architecture Klaarhamer. In 1908 he had already designed his first furniture. In 1919 he joins the "De Stijl" group, an association of painters, architects and writers involved in a program of radically renewing art. Their style took its starting point from cubism and associated itself with a rigid geometric order De Stijl and its program corrisponded with the international development which were taking palce. Precursors of "Modernism" were: Mackintosh Wagner, Loos, Hoffmann and Moser, in USA Frank Lloyd Wright, in Hamburg, Peter Behrens. The De Stijl period was an era of great names everywhere: Mies Van der Rohe, Gropius, Breuer, the masters of the Bauhaus, in France Le Corbusier in England Eileen Gray. The Schroder House designed by Rietveld in Utrecht was built rigorously adhering to the principles of De Stijl: the basic form is a cube, outside walls with much glass so that the internal and external space are one; mobile internal walls. In addition to the Schroder House, Rietveld built town in Utrecht, the Dutch Pavillion at the Biennale in Venice, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. In 1928 he was the founding Dutch member of the CIAM (Congrs International dArchitecture Moderne). In the 50's he was given his just due, a large retrospective in Utrecht exalted his work. He received numerous commisions for architectural design and for urban planning. He was decorated with the Honoris Cause degree from the Delft Polytechnic school.


Chair with structure in ash-wood, laquered natural or black.
Size: H 74 D 43 W 37 cm
Weight: Kg. 7
Packing: 1 per carton of mc. 0,152


Wooden table laquered in red, blue, yellow, black
Size: H 60 D 50 W 51,5 cm
Weight: Kg. 12
Packing: 1 per carton of mc. 0,20


Armchair with wooden structure laquered in the following colours: red, blue, yellow and black.
Size: H 88 D 83 W 66,5 cm
Weight: Kg. 14,50
Packing: 1 per carton di mc. 0,55

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