Height: 1285 mm
Width: 850 mm
Depth: 900 mm
 The hammock occupies a central role in the homes of the Indians in South America, a universal piece of furniture for sitting or sleeping.
INKA is the unique hammock you sit in. This exclusive Swedish chair has the shape of a hanging animal hide. Forming itself to your body, it provides the utmost in exquisite sitting comfort

INKA is made of biologically-tanned, chromium-free belting leather in black or natural hide colours, a living material which ages beautifully.
Expressing elegance and simplicity, the frame consists of chrome-plated steel of the highest quality and finish. In seconds INKA can be folded up. An ingenius design with the hallmark of Swedish craftmanship.

The table is made in the same material as the hammock. The top is 12 mm laminated wood, covered in lether (black or natural).
Reversible and signed. Usable as stool and foot-stool.
Ark. Christina & Lars Andersson.

Measure: 600x525. Height: 380 mm.
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